Orthodent Lab is your full-service, digital orthodontic laboratory. Celebrating over 30 years of tradition and excellence!

Appliances that justFIT.

Full Service Orthodontics

Orthodent Lab offers doctors a full range of traditional appliances and digital solutions ensuring clinical excellence.

Appliance Management

Doctors can obtain real-time status updates on their cases with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy from any device.

Unprecedented Craftsmanship

From the advanced materials to our meticulous quality-control process, we are setting the industry standard.

Digital Workflow

Powered by easyrx, our digital Rx process ensures accuracy, reliable transfer, and storage of all your important data.

3D Printing

We are investing into your future with technology from web powered workflows to innovative and affordable 3d printing.

Customer Service

From our digital tools to our on-time delivery commitment, ODL continually develops solutions to improve your case workflow.