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  • LEONE fastbackLEONE fastback distalizer

    Leone Fast Back

    The “fastback” is an appliance used for the distalization of the upper molars. This device provides the translation movement of the molars using a predetermined amount of pressure. There is no need for the cooperation of the patient maintaining good anchorage control. The principle of this device is based on the compression of Ni-Ti springs (available is 200 or 300 grams) which exert a constant force on the molar. To achieve this result, while still enabling precise control of tooth movement and ensuring the greatest comfort possible for the patient, an arm is fabricated to fit into a small tube (1.1 mm diameter) which is soldered to the palatal surface of the bands on the molars to be distalized. An open Memoria® spring is added to the arm and delivers the required force to move the tooth in the desired direction, which is determined by the arm sliding inside the tube.

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  • tremont cantilevertremont cantilever retainer

    Tremont Cantilever

    The Tremont Cantilever is a modern take on the wraparound. This appliance provides stability without the aid support wires while providing excellent retention. Technicians laser weld .036 wire to the posterior to the omega loops stabilizing the wraparound bow.  The appliance can be adjusted with three prong pliers to move the anterior section of the bow more incisal or gingival.


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    Leaf RPE

    The Leaf Spring Activated Expander from Leone is an evolution in design from the spring-loaded expander, designed with the technical and scientific collaboration of Dr. Claudio Lanteri and Mr. Filippo Francolini. Its small size body and two Nickel Titanium Memoria® leaf springs allow the release of calibrated and continuous forces to promote the dental expansion of the maxillary arch. Re-loading is needed when the two opposing leaf springs move apart. The intraoral activation will put the springs in contact again. Available in both 450 grams and 900 grams of force. With each expansion appliance, we provide a custom swivel key that has an integrated activation recording tool directly on the handle.

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  • Hanks Class II Correcting HerbstHanks Class II Correcting Herbst

    Hanks Herbst

    The Hanks Herbst appliance provides an exceptional function in class II orthodontic correction. This appliance repositions the mandible forward to allow for the adaptation of the muscular, skeletal and dental components utilizing a simple to install the telescopic component on the buccal. The Hanks is easy and efficient because screws are integrated directly into the telescoping mechanism reducing the chance for small pieces falling into the patients’ mouth. Its unique ball and socket design provide unrestricted lateral excursion and unparalleled patient comfort. We recommend the Herbst for those difficult patients who have compliance issues with removable appliances.

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  • clearbow applianceClearbow retainer

    Clear Bow Retainer

    The Clear Bow a new clear retainer that is fabricated with a virtually unbreakable, BPA-free plastic orthodontic wire (ClearBow). It is not damaged by boiling water or stained by coffee, cola, beet juice or red wine (bow only, not the acrylic retainer itself). The ClearBow is designed to provide superior aesthetics encouraging continuous wear for your patients.

    When metallic compounds interact with dental plaque over a long period, they can stain a small portion of the enamel. Because the thermoplastic strap of the ClearBow assembly does not contain any metallic compounds and is softer than stainless steel, it does not stain or scratch tooth enamel, restorations or veneered teeth.

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  • Vivid retention photo

    Vivid Retention


    We are excited to launch our new digital retention system called Vivid Retention clear retainers. This system provides you a series of 2 or 4 clear retainers per arch to your patients at an affordable price.

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Juan-Carlos Quintero, DMD, MS.
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