The Nance appliance can be used to slightly expand or rotate the upper molars or hold the molars in place, following the movement of teeth. The appliance is commonly used to prevent upper molars from drifting forward. The Nance appliance can also be used as a fixed upper retainer. We can also incorporate adjustment loops on the wire.

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Treatment & Care

This appliance should be cleaned every day with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, morning and night. Encourage the patient to give sufficient time to clean thoroughly around the appliance, gums, teeth, and bands to maintain proper hygiene and prevent inflammation. 3 minutes is recommended.


  • Wire: American Orthodontics Chromium Cobalt

Attachment and Band Options

  • AO Maximum Retention Bands
  • Leone Web Bands
  • AO .022 Slot w/ Hook
  • AO Headgear and .022 Slot with Hook
  • AO MBT w/hook
  • AO Double Slot w/ Hook