Twin Block

The Twin Block is a removable appliance that utilizes acrylic blocks formed in conjunction to pull the mandible forward. Our standard Twin Block incorporates an upper mid line screw also. The phase II retainer helps retain the bite until the bicuspids have erupted into the occlusion and posterior contact is established. Twin block treatment can be done in two steps, first with an active Twin Block and second with the Phase 2 Twin Block to support the correction. After this functional appliance phase is complete, fixed orthodontic treatment is necessary for the settling of occlusion and maintenance of the skeletal correction achieved and correction of any remaining dental discrepancy. Note: When sending a Twin Block case, please be sure to provide accurate models and a bite registration to aid in accuracy.


Treatment & Care

Depending on the severity of the Class II relationship, Tx will take 9-12 months.

Patients should wear 22 hours a day and clean daily with toothpaste to prevent the buildup of plaque and odor. Avoid Efferdent and other effervescent solutions, as it may erode components on the appliance. It is recommended to use products like DentaSoak or Retainer Splash.


  • Wire: American Orthodontics Chromium Cobalt
  • Clasping: Leone Ball Clasps
  • Acrylic: JBC Monomer and Polymer
  • Screw: Leone POP Screw