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    Leaf Spring Activated Expander

    The Leaf Spring Activated Expander from Leone is an evolution in design from the spring-loaded expander, designed with the technical and scientific collaboration of Dr. Claudio Lanteri and Mr. Filippo Francolini. Its small size body and two Nickel Titanium Memoria® leaf springs allow the release of calibrated and continuous forces to promote the dental expansion of the maxillary arch. Re-loading is needed when the two opposing leaf springs move apart. The intraoral activation will put the springs in contact again. Available in both 6 and 9mm of expansion and 450 grams and 900 grams of force. With each expansion appliance, we provide a custom swivel key that has an integrated activation recording tool directly on the handle.

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  • Bloore AlignerBloore Aligner

    Bloore Aligner

    The Bloore Aligner provides a diverse flexibility to correct minor rotations, torque, and rotations. The eyelet springs can be bent side to side to adjust rotation or opened to allow labial movement. Once the treatment is complete, the eyelet springs are adapted to be made passive allowing the appliance to act as a retainer.

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  • retainer-with-adamslower-retainer-with-adams

    Retainer with Adams Clasps

    The retainer with Adams is your go-to choice for retention. All Adams Clasps are fabricated using chromium cobalt wire from scratch providing excellent retention and reduced breakage compared to pre-formed clasps.

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It has been a real pleasure working with ODL. When we established our new digital workflow incorporating intra-oral scanning to replace our alginate impressions we surveyed 15 different labs across the country and selected ODL for several reasons. Our decision came down to quality first, then customer service, turnaround time, and pricing. They are very willing to please and have rightly earned our top recommendation as our digital lab partner.

Juan-Carlos Quintero, DMD, MS.
Orthodontist, South Miami, Fl