The Digital Process

Sending your digital scans shouldn’t feel like a daunting endeavor.
At ODL the “process” is just as important as the product you’ll receive.
Our digital technicians and our customer service team will guide you every step of the way.


Intra-Oral Scan

Intraoral scanners (IOS) can make your patient’s experience a whole lot better. Today’s scanners help you, and your team avoid the messiness and inaccuracy of alginate and provide an overall superior final appliance. Speed, ease, and unparalleled accuracy are a few of the benefits of intraoral scanning. Do you currently have an intraoral scanner? If not, give us a call, we can guide you as to which one may best fit your needs.


Sending your Digital Scan

Easyrx is an innovative cloud application that provides unprecedented control over your entire prescription workflow, – from intra-oral scans and PM integrations to appliance designs. Easyrx enables ODL doctors to access and create graphical patient prescriptions digitally through a single interface and connect digital STL files instantly with the iTero and TRIOS integrations. You can create Rx template designs, view your current invoices, get real-time production data and UPS tracking about the case, and view 3d models with EasyRx 3D. Appliance management has never been faster or more accurate.


Model Preparation

Once we have your scan neatly situated in EasyRX, we can start digital preparation. With the ability to digitally remove brackets and a secured process of digitally ditching teeth for band placement, our intuitive systems ensure all preliminary work has been done to guarantee a perfect fit.


Cloud Model Hosting

Our digital study model solution provides you with a lifetime of storage for all of your records data. Whether you need standard digital ABO models or prefer something more economical, we’ve got you covered. Whether on a desktop or mobile device, EasyRX 3D allows you to view all your models directly on the web. Want to hold it in your hands? Our 3-D printers can create high-resolution models to review or use for an appliance.


3-D Printing

Plaster is becoming a thing of the past, so at ODL all of our digital work models are 3-D printed in-house. Our printers provide us with excellent accuracy, durability, and strength, so you’ll never miss that messy alginate or plaster. Maybe a patient lost their retainer or aligner, no problem, we have your scan stored and can reprint it in no time – No re-impression needed.


Appliance Creation

We fabricate more than half of our orders on 3-D printed models. Practices are transitioning to an entirely digital workflow, and ODL has the experience to build high-quality devices with even more accuracy on a printed model. The precision and exactness of the digital process ensure that your appliance will fit like never before.