Being afraid of failing is normal, especially for those of us in business. We all wear a ton of hats, the people in our organization look to us for answers, and the buck stops with you know who. Who wants to let their team down?  When growing up, I had this vision as a boy of heroes never being afraid.  I believe that has conditioned some of us to think fear is a sign of weakness.

For me, that fear creeps up a couple of times a week. When I initially experience it, I have this instinctive temptation to isolate and avoid the risk causing the goosebumps.  When I think more about it and where it is coming from, I do not disregard the feeling (it never just goes away), but I try to realize that fear is natural anytime I am about to take a risk.  If I go one step further, that fear could be a sign that there is an opportunity to do something great.  

Creativity, the engine of innovation, can never thrive if you are not able to get past that fear of failure.  Change is never possible if you hold it inside.  I would like to make the case that the more intense the feeling of fear, the closer you could be to accomplishing something bigger than yourself.

I have mentioned “resistance” in previous posts; I believe it is anything that gets in our way of accomplishing something worth doing.  That “resistance” wears many masks, and its main objective is to make you feel as if you cannot achieve the task at hand.  It is that voice in your head that says you do not have what it takes.  Don’t let that voice get in the way of meeting your goals.  You will miss whatever opportunity is trying to present itself.  Know this, that when the voice gets louder, the objective is moving closer.

Stephen Pressfield writes “resistance is our compass, the more important a call or action is to our soul, the more resistance we will feel in pursuing it.”

So the next time that fear creeps in, know that you might be on the brink of something great.