We are getting a new fridge in the office. Strangely people are excited, probably because the old one has a manufacturing date of 1992.  

Before they come to drop off the fridge, we wanted to make sure we emptied the old one since they are carrying it away.  The team gathers around, and this quickly becomes a spectacle to see what treasures people find.  The competition for the most offensive find was fierce, but the winner was sitting in a Tupperware container.  

It was unrecognizable red chunks.  After further inspection, it was not red meat as some thought, but rotting pineapple! It, of course, was mine and I readily admitted to it, along with a slew of other gems.  

I filled the garbage bag up and took it out to the dumpster. Not the most heroic, but I wanted to take the opportunity for my staff to know that I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and get the job done.   

My team knows that I delegate everything.  A good habit to get into, but somethings, like taking out the garbage, or sweeping the floor when needed is vital to staying humble.

My dad said it best, “I am not better than anybody else here, I just play a different role.”  Spoken like a true leader.

  1. Douglas Palaganas DDS says:

    Love it Mike! My staff will often see my with the hand vacuum cleaning the floors around the payment chairs when no patients are there! I won’t ask my team to do something I would never do or haven’t since myself… I love you philosophy!.

    • Mike Wright says:

      That is awesome!! Every little thing counts. It is always the small things that make the biggest difference.

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