As a consumer why should you have to pay for a company’s non-value added process?

Answer? You never should. Take a look at the example below, we have one of our talented Digital technicians always looking to save time so that we can pass those savings to our customer. At the end of the day, our client doesn’t care if it took us 10 minutes or 2 hours for a process as long as they are receiving the same quality appliance at the same fair price.

So when one of my employees is up getting 40 cups of coffee during the day, I shouldn’t be raising my prices just because I can’t come up with a viable coffee IV solution. The thing with lean manufacturing is that when you cut “fat” out of a process the quality improves.

Over-processing is always a production killer. In the end, it saves us money, but more importantly, it saves our clients money and improves the quality of the product they receive. A win- win -win.

“Non-value-added time or activity in a production or manufacturing process is any time spent on a step in that process that adds nothing to the finished product. This is in opposition to value-added activity, which adds some value that a customer will pay for with the finished product.”