halterman appliance

Halterman Appliance

The Halterman is an add-on component to aid the eruption of an impacted tooth. It is typically used with a lower lingual arch or an upper Nance appliance. The bar is laser welded to the lingual or buccal side of the band.


Treatment & Care

This appliance should be cleaned every day with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, morning and night. Encourage the patient to give sufficient time to clean thoroughly around the appliance, gums, teeth, and bands to maintain proper hygiene and prevent inflammation. 3 minutes is recommended.


  • Wire: American Orthodontics Chromium Cobalt

Attachment and Band Options

  • AO Maximum Retention Bands
  • Leone Web Bands
  • AO .022 Slot w/ Hook
  • AO Headgear and .022 Slot with Hook
  • AO MBT w/hook
  • AO Double Slot w/ Hook