Smile more.

Digital Accuracy
Excellent results start
with high standards.

Less appointments.
Happier patients.

Avoid wardrobe

Stress Retention
The secret sauce behind
Vivid’s effectiveness.

All aligners are
not created equal.

Provide your patients with a
smile that will last a lifetime.


Flexibility to fit your needs.

Vivid offers sets of 3, 5, and 10 trays, and now, for the first time, we’re even offering an unlimited amount of trays until the case closes. Our experts will be able to guide treatment from start to finish, giving you and your patients predictable results to get there quicker with minimal refinements. Now that’s something to smile about.

Excellent results start with high standards.

Our skilled technicians use multiple software platforms to create ideal setups designed to provide excellent clinical outcomes. Final setups can be reviewed and approved by you and your team via EasyRx, our user-friendly web portal.


The secret sauce behind Vivid’s effectiveness.

One key indicator of a successful treatment is how well the aligner material retains its “memory” (also known as stress retention) throughout the alignment process. This “memory” ensures that the aligner continuously moves a patient’s teeth to their ideal position without the aligner losing its precise shape. Vivid products are composed of only the highest quality materials to ensure our aligners deliver durability, retention, and comfort.

Less appointments. Happier patients.

Vivid technicians are trained in the movement of teeth. We optimize our outcomes with oversight from dental professionals and utilize custom attachments to ensure we get it right the first time—every time—to reduce time-consuming refinements and unnecessary follow-up appointments.


All aligners are not created equal.

Vivid Aligners are 30% thinner than our competitors’ products. With a lower profile and materials that are both BPA- and phthalate-free, we’ve chosen not to sacrifice comfort over quality.


Avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

Our products not only provide excellent tracking properties, but they have a low tendency to stain. This enhances patient satisfaction by keeping the optical quality noticeably clear, day after day (after day).

Provide your patients with a smile that will last a lifetime.

Vivid Retainers are the ideal choice for retention following an aligner treatment. Our retention products utilize the same break-resistant materials as our aligners and deliver the same level of quality, clarity, and craftsmanship. Vivid Retainers can be included with a patient’s aligners or with a new intraoral scan.


More than just stages.

ODL has a team of Clinical Experts that can dramatically change your Clear Aligner, Orthodontic practice. Our clinical team will provide you with expert diagnosis and case assessments to determine suitability for your Clear Aligner treatment. Additionally, we provide setup verification optimization services that can reduce treatment times and case refinements which will improve efficiency and profitability.

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