It has been too long since I have written a blog post. We have been busy managing the summer peak season, training new and talented technicians, and setting up plans to move the laboratory to a larger facility (more to come on that).

We have been working hard, not only for our customers but also in our fabrication techniques. In other words, we are continually improving the production methods of certain types of appliances, specifically our invisible retainers. It is no secret that clear retainers are taking over the industry as a whole, and they are quickly becoming the go-to appliance for in-house manufacturing. I admit it does not take a rockstar to make them, but I will contest that there are techniques that make a retainer not only fit better but more comfortable for the patient. That is where we come in. We have very high standards for our product, and invisible retainers are no exception. We provide a smooth contour to resist breakage and hand polish the edge at the margin so the patient can speak more clearly. Our trained digital technicians are highly skilled at removing brackets digitally and sculpting the margin, so the retainer has a snug and accurate fit. As a graphic design fanatic, we pride ourselves on our packaging so you can present a patient’s final retainers in a professional box, as opposed to a plastic bag.

I am most excited about our pricing structure. As our production technique is becoming more efficient, my objective is to pass the savings to you, the customer. That is why I am proud to offer our Vivid Retainer package for $79, which includes an upper and lower 3D model print, two upper and two lower Essix retainers, bracket removal, and beautiful packaging. We also offer Zendura for the ultimate in appliance quality.

My goal is to provide the industry an alternative to making them in-house. Making retainers are what we do best, and we are proud to offer this service with the hope to free up doctor time allowing them to do what they do best, creating stunning smiles.

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