Building a business is hard!  Most of us have never done it before, and everyone has an opinion how it should be done best. What works for one may not work for another, but here is one more opinion for you to consider. This time, I want you to think about your leadership team.

In my previous posts, I wrote about my family and how it runs deep in the field of dentistry.  More than just the lessons on the clinical side, family dynamics may have something to teach us about running an organization as well.  Every family is different, but at the end of the day, each member is looking for a positive atmosphere, affirmation that they are a part of something great, and to know that they are loved.  I think that can translate to your employees as well.

My wife and I have eight children 12 and under (it’s OK to breathe now). The household is busy and productive, but we certainly have our moments of chaos.  Things can get crazy. All we need is one kid to punch a sibling, another one writing all over the walls, or we find the little one running around without a diaper praying it was clean!  It is a team effort between my wife and me to try and gain control of the situation without losing too much of our sanity.  As the leadership team of the household, we need to come together regardless of how the day was, handle the difficulties, and steer the ship back on course.  If there is strife between my wife and me, it makes navigating everyday situations exponentially harder.

The same applies to running your organization.  You and your leadership team need be unified.  The staff depends on it.  Ask yourself this question, does a minor conflict send members off the deep end, or do you trust each other enough to look at conflict as a means of solving a problem?

Tip: once a month, sit down with your leadership team and ask each person to air any dirty laundry honestly. Be inviting.  Be humble enough to listen as it may be about you, and ask how you and the team can collectively move forward.  It will be awkward at first, but be open to learning and watch your team grow!